Two new schemes for Northern Territory residents that support eligible pensioners, including aged pension recipients, with the cost of living and recognise the valuable contribution seniors continue to make to the Northern Territory.



A means-tested scheme supporting eligible Territorians with the cost of living.


Recognising the valuable contribution senior Territorians make to the Northern Territory. All senior Territorians 65 years or older, are eligible for this scheme

Electricity and/or water


NT Seniors Recognition Scheme members who chose to use the $500 payment for electricity and/or water in 2018-19 and 2019-20, have received a one-off credit. The payment can only be applied to a member’s primary place of residence.

The member must be the primary account holder (where the members name appears on the bill) or an authorised person on the account with their electricity provider.

The credit cannot be refunded if the member closes their account. If the member changes their address the credit can be transferred.

The credit will remain on the members account until it is used or the account is closed.  Unused credit can be carried over into the new financial year.

Two eligible scheme members living in one household who are both legally responsible for the bill can apply more than one credit to the account.

Following the introduction of the prepaid card, electricity and/or water credit will no longer be applied to the account. Members use their prepaid card to pay their electricity or water bill online.

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