Two new schemes for Northern Territory residents that support eligible pensioners, including aged pension recipients, with the cost of living and recognise the valuable contribution seniors continue to make to the Northern Territory.



A means-tested scheme supporting eligible Territorians with the cost of living.


Recognising the valuable contribution senior Territorians make to the Northern Territory. All senior Territorians 65 years or older, are eligible for this scheme

FAQ - Solar Electricity

What is a Photovoltaic (PV) solar system?

PV solar systems convert sunlight into electrical energy. Residential solar PV systems can offset household power use depending on the size of the system and the household needs.

What are the benefits of installing a Photovoltaic (PV) solar system?

Solar electricity is good for the environment and will assist in reducing future ongoing electricity costs. PV Solar systems allow households to generate electricity from the sun which is fed back into the local electricity network via the electricity meter. The meter records the amount of electricity produced and this information is used by the electricity retailer to offset household electricity bills.

I am a concession recipient. Will the installation of solar panels impact on my concessions?

Your concessions may be impacted which should be considered before you purchase and install a PV Solar System. Concessions are applied on cost of living expenses. Where there is no cost to the member, no concession can be applied. Solar credits from a PV Solar System will be applied to a member’s bill before concessions are applied.

If your PV solar system generates enough electricity to cover your consumption and you receive a credit on your electricity bill, you will not receive a concession. If you consume more than you generate, your concession will be applied to the bill that you receive.

If I am talking to a solar panel provider, what should I tell them?

Tell your solar panel provider that you are a member of the NT Concession Scheme and that you receive concessions on your electricity bills. See Power and Water’s “Going Solar – Questions to ask your installer” FAQ.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information about your membership and concessions, contact the NT Concession and Recognition Unit on 1800 777 704.

For more information on the benefits of solar and options for solar customers, contact Jacana Energy on 1800 522 262.