Two new schemes for Northern Territory residents that support eligible pensioners, including aged pension recipients, with the cost of living and recognise the valuable contribution seniors continue to make to the Northern Territory.



A means-tested scheme supporting eligible Territorians with the cost of living.


Recognising the valuable contribution senior Territorians make to the Northern Territory. All senior Territorians 65 years or older, are eligible for this scheme

NT Seniors Recognition Scheme


NT Seniors Recognition Scheme


On 1 July 2018, the NT Seniors Recognition Scheme was introduced replacing travel concessions provided under the former NT Pensioner and Carer Concession Scheme.

The NT Seniors Recognition Scheme recognises the valuable contribution seniors make to the NT and is available to all eligible residents of the Northern Territory turning 65 years and over.

Eligible members will receive a $500 payment each financial year that can be used for travel, electricity and/or water


To apply for the scheme you must be:

  • Turning 65 years or over in the calendar year that you apply
  • An Australian Citizen or permanent resident
  • A current Northern Territory resident that lives in the Northern Territory for 183 days each financial year

To apply for the scheme you will need to provide supporting documentation demonstrating your eligibilityApply now (

Choosing how to use your payment

You can choose how you would like to use your $500 NT Seniors Recognition Scheme payment.

The payment can be used in the following ways:

  • The whole amount for one category; $500 electricity or $500 water or $500 travel.
  • $250 for two categories – choose electricity/travel ($250/$250) or water/travel ($250/$250) or electricity/water ($250/$250).

If you have chosen travel you can change this to electricity or water at any time before 31 May.

Once a credit has been applied to your electricity or water bill I cannot be changed.

When do I receive the payment

Eligible members will received the payment from 1 July.

In 2019-20 current members of the scheme can expect to receive:

  • Travel vouchers via post in July 2019
  • See their electricity and/or water credits applied to their bill within one to two billing cycles

New applicants will receive their first payment from 1 July after in the calendar year the membership application is approved. This means that if your membership was approved between 1 January and 30 June you will receive your first payment from 1 July. If your membership was approved between 1 July and 30 December you will receive your first payment once your membership is approved. Payments are not backdated.

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