Two new schemes for Northern Territory residents that support eligible pensioners, including aged pension recipients, with the cost of living and recognise the valuable contribution seniors continue to make to the Northern Territory.



A means-tested scheme supporting eligible Territorians with the cost of living.


Recognising the valuable contribution senior Territorians make to the Northern Territory. All senior Territorians 65 years or older, are eligible for this scheme


FAQ - What concessions does the NT Concession Scheme provide?

The NT Concession Scheme will include the same eight concessions as the current scheme.

The eight concessions are electricity, water, sewerage, property rates, garbage, motor vehicle registration, driver’s licences and spectacles. Electricity and water concessions will be capped.

The capped amounts are based on average usage rates of $1,200 for electricity and $800 for water.


FAQ - Am I still eligible if I move away from the Northern Territory?

Membership of both schemes is available only to residents of the NT, as proven by an NT Drivers licence, utilities invoice or alternative method as informed by the concessions unit.

You are not eligible if you move away, are not living at the registered address, or if the Northern Territory is not your primary place of residence.

It is important to notify the NT Concessions Unit if your circumstances change to avoid penalty.

Under the new scheme, members will need to verify their details annually.

FAQ - How will the scheme changes affect Territorians living in remote communities?

We understand that power is delivered in several ways to remote and regional Northern Territory.

The new NT Concession Scheme ensures that Territorians receiving power tokens or credits for electronic meters will to continue to receive them, up to the value of the cap.

Territory Families is working closely with provider partners, such as Jacana Energy and Power Water to assist us to inform Territorians living in remote communities about the concessions available under the new NT Concession.

FAQ - Can I access the travel concession if I live in a remote community?

Accessing concessions for travel within the NT is important, particularly to Territorians living in remote communities.

For the first time, the Seniors Recognition Scheme now includes concessions for travel within the NT. All senior Territorians 65 years and over are eligible for an annual $500 concession which can be used for travel and/or utilities.



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