Two new schemes for Northern Territory residents that support eligible pensioners, including aged pension recipients, with the cost of living and recognise the valuable contribution seniors continue to make to the Northern Territory.



A means-tested scheme supporting eligible Territorians with the cost of living.


Recognising the valuable contribution senior Territorians make to the Northern Territory. All senior Territorians 65 years or older, are eligible for this scheme



To become an Approved Vendor under the NT Concession Scheme and NT Seniors Recognition Scheme vendors must:

  • agree to operate under a Code or Practice and in accordance with Terms and Conditions
  • be a registered business in the NT
  • hold appropriate registration/accreditation and insurances
  • not be subject to any legal action.

Approved vendors will receive an Approved Vendor information kit and have their business details published on the website.

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Members of the NT Seniors Recognition Scheme can choose to use their payment of up to $500 each year for travel. Travel vouchers will be issued annually and can be redeemed at an approved travel provider when booking fares.

Travel vouchers

Travel vouchers can be redeemed by members for travel overseas, interstate and within the Northern Territory.

NT Seniors Recognition Scheme members will be asked to nominate how they would like to use their payment when they complete the annual confirmation.

Members can use this payment for travel, electricity and/or water. They can choose to use $500 on one category or $250 on two categories.

Members who choose to use the payment for travel will be provided with one or two (subject to the value they choose) $250 travel vouchers. Travel vouchers will be valid until 30 June each year and cannot accrue over multiple years.

Members can use two valid vouchers totaling $500 in one transaction to fund the cost of fares overseas, interstate and within the Northern Territory. Members can use a valid voucher totaling $250 each on two separate transactions.

Approved travel providers can check voucher validity and apply the voucher at point of sale through an automated system.

Approved travel providers

To become an approved travel provider under the NT Seniors Recognition Scheme, vendors will need to:

  • apply online
  • agree to operate under a code of conduct
  • be a registered business in the NT
  • hold appropriate registration and insurances
  • not be subject to any legal action.

Applications for travel providers to become approved vendors of the scheme will open in June 2018.

All approved travel providers will be shared with scheme members and listed on the website.

Information sessions about the new approval process to become approved vendors under the scheme are being held in June.

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