Why the reform?

Why the reform

All Territory seniors deserve dignity and respect. That’s why the Northern Territory Government is reforming the NT Pensioner and Carer Concession Scheme, to make it fairer, more accessible, and sustainable.

The old scheme had become outdated, unfair and open to fraud, which is unacceptable.

Some members were receiving much higher concessions than others, and many senior Territorians living in remote communities were unable to access the scheme at all. We needed to improve the accessibility and administrative arrangements for concessions, to make it fair for all members of the scheme, present and future. The Northern Territory Government is committed to open, honest and transparent practices. The reforms will make the schemes stronger and more sustainable into the future.

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The review process

Territory Families undertook broad public consultations for the review and reform of the NT Pensioner and Carer Concession Scheme.

More than 10,000 Territorians participated in the consultation and a petition with more than 6000 signatures was tabled in parliament, seeking a number of reforms, including potentially capping utilities concessions.

In line with the government’s commitment to public consultation, an expert reference group of key stakeholders was established, to assist in providing feedback and advice on the community engagement process. The expert reference group included members from COTA NT, Association of Independent Retirees (AIR), NT Council of Social Service (NT COSS), Vietnam Veterans, National Seniors, Carers NT and Somerville.

The consultation also included face to face engagement with people in 12 communities to collect their ideas, concerns and views for inclusion in the consultation findings. The review considered feedback from a variety of public and government stakeholders, as well an independent assessment by Deloitte.

You can download the full consultation report and independent reports below:

From July 1, 2018

electricity and water concessions will be capped.

A petition with more than 6000 signatures was tabled in parliament, seeking a number of reforms, including the suggested capping of the utilities concessions. By capping the concession for utilities, we are ensuring fairer access to, and distribution of, benefits for all members.
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Hardship provisions will apply.

Are you a senior carer?

If you need more information, or want to discuss your eligibility, please contact the Territory Families Concessions Unit by calling 1800 777 704 or emailing pensionconcessionunit@nt.gov.au