NT Concession Scheme

About the Seniors Recognition Scheme

More senior Territorians than ever before will now be recognised, celebrated and included under the Seniors Recognition Scheme. It is the most generous scheme of its type in Australia. In addition to the new scheme, seniors in the Territory also have access to the NT Seniors Card Program.

Seniors aren’t just a part of the Territory’s history. They are important to building our future. That’s why the new Seniors Recognition Scheme will recognise more senior Territorians than ever before.

All senior Territorians 65 years and over are entitled to be members of this scheme and will receive a $500 concession per year for utilities and/or travel. This will now also include travel within the NT.

The new scheme is good news for the 3,000 senior Territorians who were previously excluded from the old scheme when means testing was introduced in 2014. Now all Territorians 65 years and over will be celebrated through the NT Seniors Recognition Scheme and are entitled to the nominated concessions.

From February 2018, COTA NT will be managing the Northern Territory Seniors Card Program. This program is also being reformed to provide more business discounts and other exciting initiatives for senior Territorians. Visit the COTA NT website for more information.

Women who are 64 years of age, who were grandfathered in the scheme from 2014, will be grandfathered into the new scheme as seniors. Grandfathering honours the previous level of commitment that former governments have made to scheme members.

FACTSHEET: Seniors Recognition Scheme

Under the new scheme, at what age am I classified as a senior?

Men and women in the NT become eligible for the Seniors Recognition Scheme at 65 years of age.